It was a visit to a new ice cream shop in an East Tennessee downtown that offered a meeting place, that sparked a conversation between three people, that opened a door for one more, that started a chapter in all of their lives that could never have been imagined.   

It's amazing what a welcoming atmosphere with ice cream can create.

There are no age limits, demographics, careers or backgrounds that ice cream doesn't reach. cream doesn't discriminate.



Executive Director

Sheri Clark 

For over 30 years, Sheri has worked in the entertainment industry assisting in live production, sound services and consultation across genre lines, as well as producing live events, video, television and recorded projects.  Sheri now works with clients of all backgrounds - from musicians to private businesses and organizations - through branding, strategic marketing, business development and publicity. 

Sheri works with several artists in youth projects around the United States providing free youth concerts and workshops, with some involving youth string symphonies. Many of these have turned into large events and fundraisers involving companies like Gibson, where they have given away guitars, The Downtown Bentonville Association, The Walmart Foundation, The I’ll Fly Away Foundation, The International Bluegrass Music Association, the Hard Rock Café Nashville, Manuel Designs, and more.  

In 2010, Sheri started managing the group Monroeville, and the leader of the group Matt Munsey was moving his band headquarters back his hometown of Newport, TN. After Matt introduced Sheri to the area, she quickly saw the potential of the town and its youth.  Sheri decided to move her offices from Nashville, TN to Newport, TN in 2014 where she now resides and operates her Management, Marketing and Publicity Company, Sheri Clark Agency

"Everyone is born with a talent. If you choose to use that talent to just benefit yourself, then it can only go as far as your human capabilities allow. However, If you use that talent to serve others, then it is expanded to the collective imaginations of the ones you choose to share it with."~ Sheri 


Our Board


Denise Naville 

Denise is the owner and operator of The Rustic Cow Ice Cream Eatery and Cow Cafe.  After having traveled around East Tennessee for 10 years for vacations, and just the love of the area, Denise, with her husband, Darren, had a goal to move to East Tennessee to settle down.  With a vision of being a part of a downtown, Denise decided she wanted to develop a place that would benefit the community.  Denise used her over 26 years in private consulting in organizational management and office start-ups in the medical field to brand and grow her vision of The Rustic Cow. 

The first decision was to put in an ice cream shop where families and individuals of all backgrounds and ages could come and visit and create a community together - " cream doesn't discriminate." 


Darren Naville

Darren is the co-owner of The Rustic Cow Ice Cream Eatery and Cow Cafe.  When he and Denise found the right building in downtown Newport, TN, they moved forward with purchasing a building complex right off of East Broadway.  With Darren's over 30 years in construction, he took Denise's vision and constructed the Ice Cream Shop first, in less than two months.  Then, after 6 months in business, he was able to build the Eatery and Cow Cafe, also in under two months.  The barn-door theme is carried throughout the complex, and lends itself to the welcoming, family-friendly atmosphere.


Matt Munsey

Matt Munsey moved to Newport in 2012 from Nashville to be closer to his family.  His band Monroeville is based out of Newport, TN, and is an internationally known award-winning band that spans several genres.  Their mission is to take the best technical musicians to create totally original music inspired by their heritage of the mountains with traditional instruments and inspire youth to create through the healing power of music. 

Matt is proud of his heritage and manages to insert it in some way in about every song he and his band creates.  Matt would like to contribute to the growth of the area with The Rustic Cow by assisting with advertising when touring, hosting with his band youth events for the area in music, and with any event that would benefit the area. 

"I was determined to carve out a music of my own, I didn't want to copy anybody."  - Bill Monroe. 

"Ditto." - Monroeville