We are excited to announce our upcoming event series 

"The RC - Presented by The RC Foundation" 

And, we are looking for talent! 

The RC Foundation is working with The Rustic Cow Ice Cream Eatery and Cow Cafe to develop performance arts entertainment and event spaces called The RC in their building in downtown Newport, TN. 

We are developing ticketed and free events that will include singers, bands of all styles, dancers, dance teams, performance shows, magicians, actors, poets, artistry set to music, acrobats, and just about any performing artist of any kind. 

We will also provide rental space for private events, and produce and develop entertainment packages for special events and private functions. 

Profits will go to The Rustic Cow Foundation to pay for performance and logistic expenses to put on these events, and to provide supports for performances for education and community efforts. 

Our goal is to be able to provide low cost and free tickets for the youth of Newport, TN and Cocke County to attend performances and educational events in the spaces.

While we are currently working on our performance spaces,  we are now looking for talent to fill dates starting in the late spring. 

These performances will be inside The Rustic Cow Ice Cream Eatery and Cow Cafe, and some will be outside for block parties and events as weather permits.

We are looking for entertainment for all ages. It can be any style, but where all ages can attend.  

Each act will be looked at individually for material presented and performance space needed. 

These events are set up to bring awareness to The RC Foundation, its fundraising program, and to provide family friendly downtown events in Newport, TN.

Acts of all levels are welcome to apply, and will be individually considered for any type of compensation. 

If you'd like to be considered, please send us your information below. 

All events and performances for The RC - Presented by The RC Foundation are managed, produced and will receive publicity through a joint effort between The RC Foundation, The Rustic Cow and Sheri Clark Agency

Submissions need to be through the form below, and not through The Rustic Cow or Sheri Clark Agency. 

If you have further questions, please list them in the Show Description section below, and we will get back with you asap. 

Youth talent Showcase

for ages 17 and under

If you are 17 and under, and want to perform during our free youth nights on Saturdays, Click Here!

For more professional shows, regardless of age, please apply for artist submissions through this page.